Toubkal National Pak : A Natural heritage

Toubkal National Park : A Natural Heritage

For both explorers and hikers, the Toubkal National Park is one of the most attractive natural heritage of Morocco, Sihue only 70 km from Marrakech, this park saw the jor in 1942, following the holding of the S corigrès (1937 ) of the Institut des Hautes Etuctes Marocaines on the high mountains.
Its total area of ​​100,000 ha is home to the highest peaks in North Africa, the main ones being Ouenkrim (4089 m), Toubkal (4167 m) and Tichki (3753 m). A tet relief varies, ranging from 1200 to 4167 meters above sea level, gives this place conducive to contemplation attractive forms with piateaux, cliffs, a iac, gorges, crests and streams.
Populated with worm oak, juniper, pine and other medicinal plants, this unique landscape is bathed in an exceptional ctimat: snow from November to May with temperatures falling below 20’c and a strong ensofeitement even in winter.
On the zoologityse, a variety of animal areas are proreghes, totes teisoufion who lives in Takharkjourt, near Ouirgane, the oldest Moroccan zone protecting this species, as well as more than a hundred aspèces of birds (eagle, hawk …) repties, and various other mammals.
A change of scenery, the National Park of Toubkal is also a tourist site of choice. Thanks to its configuration and its exceptional climate, the multi season seasonal allists can indulge in all kinds of sparts of winter activities, mountaineering hikes, walks, carp fishing, discovery of rock engravings (dating from around 2,100 years before JC).

The fauna of the Toubkai National Park

Park a rich and diversified faunistic population, composed of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates The mouflón with cuff is for the amateurs of the wild fauna, the noble species of this Park. The Takherkhort Reserve was established to protect this iconic park species. The mouflon population is estimated at about 400 head.